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Happy new year, congratulations on the new year
Release time:
2021-02-18 15:36
The gongs and drums sounded the Chinese New Year gate, and the firecrackers sounded the festive season. The red lanterns illuminate the future, and the lights flicker on Happy Road. Family reunion rounds together, round dumplings are like ingots. Great wine, big fish head in the deep sea, toast to celebrate the good harvest. I wish you: All things are going well during the Spring Festival, and I found RMB when I went out. May you: Happy family reunion, good luck and good health.
The Spring Festival is here, the Spring Festival is here, and the Spring Festival is really lively; firecrackers sound, fireworks are bright, and the children have smiles; celebrate reunion, send blessings, good luck and luck. Wish you a happy new year, every day is getting better and better!
The New Year is beautiful, the night sky is decorated with fireworks, and the family love is fascinating; the New Year is happy, the firecrackers blow up troubles, and the plum blossoms are joyful; The Spring Festival is infinitely good, happiness is in it, and I wish you happiness forever!
With the sound of firecrackers, drums and gongs, the new year is here, and blessings are sent: I hope that in the new year, your career will flourish, your family will be harmonious, your love will be sweet, and you will earn a lot of money. happy New Year!
What is the difference between point light source, area light source and line light source?
The custom of Dragon Boat Festival
Release time:
2020-06-22 16:01
Development of Jiangmen Wenhang Lighting Co., Ltd.
Jiangmen Wenhang Lighting Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on LED application, indoor and outdoor lighting and decorative art lighting. Products are suitable for: star-rated hotels, high-end villas, clubs and other household support; has been for the West Hall of Beijing Great Hall of the People, Beijing Diaoyutai State Guest House, Hangzhou G20 Summit, Shanghai Bund Banyan Tree, Sanya Atlantis Hotel, Xiamen Kempinski Hotel, Zhangjiakou Intercontinental Hotel, Hangzhou Ocean Kempinski Hotel, 3. Yamingsheng Westin, Shanxi Wutai Shandong Huizhou Intercontinental Hotel, Zhuhai Accor Novotel, Jamaica Carrisima Beach Hotel, Mexico Asur Hotel, and hundreds of other hotels at home and abroad provide design, control system and lamp R&D and manufacturing, on-site installation guidance, system debugging and maintenance.
Topen Light——Make Light with Mind
Release time:
2019-04-08 17:53
Topen Lighting, a professional outdoor night scene lighting supplier, is committed to providing customers with integrated solutions including outdoor lighting products and control management system. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. And through the ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, with a large number of automation and semi-automation equipment. Fully guarantee production efficiency and product quality.
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