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Danston(Classic all-copper lamp)

  During the Renaissance wars in Western Europe in the Middle Ages, the shield regiment of the aristocratic Danny (DANS) family fought for freedom under the leadership of Danny Dalton. Mrs. Danny Daisy brought luck and divine guardianship to the knights who went out to fight. The shield badge of the DANS regiment was engraved on each copper lamp body in the DANS family castle. Every wife of the DANS family waited for it. A bronze lamp representing the light of life reflects their yearning for and watching over the warriors and their families.······

  In the late Renaissance, Danny Dalton's descendants emigrated to America to avoid war. Danny Kevin, a young talent of the family, opposed the "Helen after Love" family, a descendant of the famous Luxembourg branch of Italy, because of the arrogant, conservative and stubborn Helen's father, Viscount Golles. The Viscount asked Kevin to show that his family had a glorious history. With the family's consent, Kevin produced a bronze lamp symbolizing the family's glory left by Mrs. Daniel Daisy.······

  Kevin and Helen commemorated the glory and arduous love of their ancestors'St. Shield Legion. They commemorated their ancestors, Mr. Daniel Dalton and Mrs. Daniel Daisy, with the shield badge of St. Shield Legion as the "logo", and began to become pioneers of American and European bronze decorations. It has been popular in the mainland of America and has been handed down to this day. In order to further expand its brand influence and increase sales, "Danseton" family cooperated with Jiangmen Wenhang Lighting Co., Ltd. in 2011, "Danseton" officially entered China.


Danston Seiko

  Designers of Danseton American Copper Lamp draw inspiration from nature, select high-quality decorative elements of copper, jade and famous wood to create a gorgeous and exquisite art form, which reflects the beautiful and gorgeous life scenes of European palace nobles and famous families.

brand positioning

Brand Orientation: International Quality, Humanistic Design, High-end Brand Classical Art Style with Strong Artistic Sense

Style orientation: European style, simple European style, American style; simple classical, high-quality chandelier, table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp copper artwork and other series of lamps and lanterns are the perfect crystallization of modern art and classical art.

Customer positioning: hotels, villas, clubs, luxury houses.

Classics, Art and Eternity









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